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Jimmy Ranieri

Phone: (401) 217-4442
E-Mail: jimmy@EmpireGroupRI.com

Principal Broker, REC.0016826
Certified Residential Appraiser, CRA.0A01115
Residential Contractor, REG# 44155

Considered to be one of RI's most innovative and diverse full-service real estate brokers, Jimmy remains focused on exceeding ...

Tim "Zemo" McGinnis

Phone: (401) 440-0401
E-Mail: zemo@EmpireGroupRI.com

Sales Associate, RES.0043185

With over 20 years of sales experience in the construction field, Zemo adds an exciting and fresh dynamic to Empire Real Estate Group.

Lilit Capaldi

Phone: (401) 500-1538
E-Mail: Lilit@EmpireGroupRI.com

Sales Associate, RES.0045227

As a Rhode Island native and owner of multiple properties in the state Lilit has an extensive professional background in ...

Irene Mendez

Phone: (401) 405-7401
E-Mail: ipena7737@gmail.com

Sales Associate, RES.0044015

My passion for helping others and my eagerness to see my birth place flourish has led me to a career in Real Estate.

Caitrin Sebastian

Phone: (401) 533-0904
E-Mail: Caitrin@EmpireGroupRI.com

Sales Associate, RES.0045227

Representing Rhode Island buyers and sellers, Caitrin's enthusiastic, can-do attitude and caring nature is ideal for identifying ...

Joe Duhamel

Phone: (401) 527-9339
E-Mail: JDuhamelProperties@gmail.com

Sales Associate, RES.0046408

With 20 years of sales and customer service experience managing a large customer base across New England, Joe has mastered ...


Brenda Rebello-Reyes

Phone: (401) 580-3159
E-Mail: rebrey59@gmail.com

Sales Associate, RES.0033986

Brenda is a Native Rhode Islander, currently residing in Cranston. She has over 40 yrs experience in customer service. ...

Alex Rocha

Phone: (401) 749-6414
E-Mail: alex@EmpireGroupRI.com

Sales Associate, RES.0047049

After living in Portugal for most of his youth, Alex moved back to Rhode Island after high school in order to earn a Bachelor’s Degree ...

Ashly Monteiro

Phone: (401) 588-4101
E-Mail: ashly@EmpireGroupRI.com

Sales Associate, RES.0044144

As a lifelong Rhode Island resident Ashly’s journey to real estate started with her love of the city’s old homes and helping ...

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