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At Empire Real Estate Group, we pride ourselves in our ability to make the Home Buying Process as smooth and seamless as possible, not only for our clients, but the Cooperating Brokerage and their clients as well. Below is a profile of Ready, Able and Willing Buyers that Empire Real Estate Group is currently contracted with to assist in their current property search. 

Please feel free to navigate through these profiles and contact us directly with any additional questions.

All pre-approval letters are available upon request. 

A list of Premier Purchasers. Please contact for correspoding agent for more information.


Cash Buyer In Lincoln

Areas of Interest: Lincoln. Prefers Carriage Heights, but open to Lonsdale and Limerock as well.

Price Range: $350k - $450k

Type of Financing: Cash

Contact: jimmy@EmpireGroupRI.com

Necessary Amenities: Prefers Garage, Central A/C and Fenced Lot. For the right price those amenities can be added, but we do need a functional backyard.

Lifestyle Interests: Proximity to Lincoln Woods is desirable because of the ability to kayak, walk and exercise.

Preferable Style: Prefers Ranch, Split-Level and Cape Cod. Raised Ranch and Colonials also an option.

Room Counts: Minimum 3 Bedrooms

Additional Info: This a VERY realistic client with flexibility of closing date. Would like to get children into the school system before September and is willing to make upgrades. Buyer is well aware of the market trends and is flexible with terms.

Conventional Buyer Looking for Some Space!

Areas of Interest: Prefers Greenville (Smithfield or Johnston), but as long as we are closer to the Northern part of the State with Highway access it may work.

Price Range: This particular Buyer looking close to the $450k range but can go higher for the right property.

Type of Financing: 20% - 30% minimum conventional buyer.

Contact: jimmy@EmpireGroupRI.com

Necessary Amenities: Needs a little space between properties (10,000+ sq ft) and one to two car garage.

Lifestyle Interests: This particular Buyer is big into motorcross which is the reasoning for the space between neighbors and necessity of garage space.

Preferable Style: No Preference

Room Counts: 2-3 Bedrooms would prefer 1.5 - 2 bathrooms

Additional Info: No home to sell and very flexible with terms. Not looking to knitpick inspections. Very clean deal once we are under contract.

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